My Baby Bris


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Glen W.
Dear Rabbi Yisroel,
We thank you from all our family for the great care you took of our son’s spiritual and physical well-being. We will forever remember your kindness and proficiency.
Sincerely yours,
Yardena N.
Dear Rabbi Yisroel Perelson,
Thank you for your thoughtfulness and kindness. You performed the perfect Bris for our Son.
We wish you the best!
Sarah V.
Dear Rabbi Yisroel
It was a blessing to see our little son so calm and comfortable during the bris. We awaited the date with anxiousness, but your experience and calmness helped us all to feel the significance of the ceremony and celebrate it.
Thank you!
Heber, Charlie and Tommy Tzur
Dear Rabbi Yisroel!
Thank you for coming to us to perform bris at home. Our son is doing great and all our relatives agree that the ceremony was as deep and meaningful as it always meant to be!
Best regards,
Rebecca and Mark L.
Dear Rabbi Yisroel
It was a pleasure to have your perform such important ritual as brit milah.we and our firstborn baby are thankful for your understanding, patience and kindness.
Fondly, Rebecca and Mark L.
Rochel & Family
Dear Rabbi Yisroel
We want to thank you for your help. You are everything we were looking in a Mohel for our little Yoel. He is doing great by the way thanks to your care!
Thank you for the great job!

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